Temporary Guidelines for Alpharetta Group

Effective May 21st, 2020


In concern for the fellowship, we ask that if you have a cold, sore throat, fever,

flu-like symptoms or other illness, please refrain from attending meetings in person.


  • Group literature will not be used in the meetings; please bring your own personal literature or phones/tablets to use.

  • The Chairperson will not use the meeting binder; any normal pre- and post-meeting readings will be
    done from devices.

  • Seventh Tradition Collections will be handled online and by mail; details can be found on alpharettagroup.org.

  • The Chips will not be touched or given out at meetings. If there is anyone who needs a chip, that person may pick one up.

  • We will remain seated for the Lord’s Prayer; there will be no elbow locking or holding hands.



  • No coffee will be made or served at this time; please BYOC. Also, do not bring food to be shared with the group or left for others.

  • The front door will remain open during the meetings; please place doorstop inside after each meeting for the next group. Ceiling fans will remain on during the meeting.

  • We discourage anyone from bringing children to the meetings at this time. The children’s room should only be used for sponsor/sponsee/individual meetings as needed.

  • Please do not move chairs or room layout which has been modified for six-foot social distancing and also has a barrier between chairperson table and group.

  • We promote healthy hygiene consistent with the CDC Guidelines and stress personal accountability for safety measures. Each person is responsible for cleaning up your own sobriety station. While cleaning supplies and sanitizers will be available in the clubhouse, we encourage individuals to bring their own. If you have any questions, please see CDC.gov/coronavirus.